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Shred fest 13

March 29-31


About Us

Unity Shredfest logo with a white electric guitar headstock on a red guitar pick
Welcome to Unity ShredFest, a festival driven by the Rocksmith Unity community! Since the summer of 2020, we have held 15 awesome raid festivals where musicians on Twitch get the chance to show what they’ve got while playing a band they love.

If you play Rocksmith and want to get involved or are interested in viewing upcoming festivals, we highly encourage you to join our Discord server. It is both where we communicate important information to do with ShredFests and a great place to hang out and chat with other musicians. Want to get a feel for what Rocksmith or ShredFest is all about? Take a look at our Twitch team where you can find streamers playing music live, or check out our Youtube channel, were you will find recordings of streamer’s sets from recent ShredFests.


We are raising money for Heart Support, a charity organization founded by Jake Luhrs of August Burns Red as a way for him to give back to his fans and to help people with their mental health.
What do they do? Heart support does a variety of things such as; talking about deep life topics at music festivals, encouraging people to practice self care, and treating every person like family.
Whether you’re in a very dark place mental, having relapsed, or even at your highest points, they are there for YOU.

They have livestreams and discord servers where they talk to people, hang out and have fun. Whether it’s singing, songwriting, gaming or just relaxing and having fun. They even just got done having their own festival with bands such as Parkway Drive, Rise against, and many more!
You can find them on Twitch at, which is a safe place for anyone to join and hang out.