Unity ShredFest artist checklist festival preparation

Artist Festival CheckList

Here are some important things to check and do before the festival.

Are you Ready To Rock!?

Before the festival, there are several important things you should do and check. Firstly, be sure to use the tag “UNITY SHREDFEST – Artists name” for your stream. It’s also crucial to check your time zone in relation to GMT and make sure you understand when you start. (there will be a local converter on the events page in each listing)


Time Zone convertor

Additionally, you need to confirm who is performing before and after you and have your stream ready 30 minutes before your scheduled time. Be sure to join the “green-room” voice chat at least 30 minutes before your performance to confirm with staff that you are ready.

If you are not part of the discord join here so you can access the green room

To ensure a smooth transition for the raid, make sure you are following the performer who is playing after you. It’s essential not to overrun your stream into the next person’s time slot unless you have obtained permission from the other streamer. If you do, you will be excluded from the next festival.

We ask that everyone refrain from streaming during the 3-day festival to show solidarity and that the festival is about us as a group, not just individuals. However, if you are a full-time streamer and find it difficult to do so, we kindly ask that you consider raiding the artist who is currently performing.

If you would like to be featured in the highlights video, please remember to record your stream. Although it’s not mandatory, it would be an excellent backup in case of any unforeseen circumstances. Recording your stream shouldn’t use much processing power or data, so be sure to hit record.

Moreover, staff members will be assigned to time slots to ensure the smooth running of events. You will be informed beforehand of the member of staff responsible for your slot, and you should be ready at least 30 minutes before your scheduled time. If you don’t respond within 15 minutes when invited to the voice chat, alternative arrangements will be made. If you haven’t responded five minutes before your start time, you may lose your slot. Please follow the performer who is playing after you to make raiding from the Creator Dashboard more manageable, and have a few extra songs on hand in case you’re asked to play for longer. If you’re late starting for any reason, please stick to your own end time unless told otherwise by your staff member.

It’s important to remember that while there are certain guidelines to follow during the festival, the main purpose is to have fun and enjoy the performances. Don’t stress too much about getting everything perfect, because we’re all here to have a good time together. Take a deep breath, relax, and let the music and Unity community spirit wash over you. Remember that we’re all in this together, and we want everyone to have a great time. So let loose, dance, sing along, shred some solo’s and play some amazing bass lines and enjoy the festival!

Blog Author: RubberDave