Event Type Day 3


17sep10:0011:00Virtual EventShredfest 12 Day 3 Kick Off10:00 - 11:00(GMT+00:00) View in my time

17sep11:0012:00Virtual EventNoey01 - Galneryus11:00 - 12:00(GMT+00:00) View in my time

17sep12:0013:00Virtual EventDanonyo - Bullet For My Valentine12:00 - 13:00(GMT+00:00) View in my time

17sep13:0014:00Virtual EventVirago496 - Status Quo13:00 - 14:00(GMT+00:00) View in my time

17sep14:0015:00Virtual EventPandastrings - Trivium14:00 - 15:00(GMT+00:00) View in my time

17sep15:0016:00Virtual EventHeyo_its__marc - Green Day15:00 - 16:00(GMT+00:00) View in my time

17sep16:0017:00Virtual EventPirate_patch - Children Of Bodom16:00 - 17:00(GMT+00:00) View in my time

17sep17:0018:00Virtual EventTherealbigle - Norma Jean17:00 - 18:00(GMT+00:00) View in my time

17sep18:0019:00Virtual EventNegagrier - Tesseract18:00 - 19:00(GMT+00:00) View in my time

17sep19:0020:00Virtual EventTightlord - Stevie Wonder19:00 - 20:00(GMT+00:00) View in my time

17sep20:0021:00Virtual EventRellik522 - Ghost20:00 - 21:00(GMT+00:00) View in my time

17sep21:0022:00Virtual EventKnighthime - Here Come The Mummies21:00 - 22:00(GMT+00:00) View in my time

17sep22:0023:00Virtual EventTntmusicstudios - Lamb Of God22:00 - 23:00(GMT+00:00) View in my time

17sep23:0000:00Virtual EventChainbrain - Kalmah23:00 - 00:00(GMT+00:00) View in my time

18sep00:0001:00Virtual EventShredfest 12 Wrap Up00:00 - 01:00(GMT+00:00) View in my time